Ada has been lying to people her whole life. With her black wavy hair, brown skin, and green eyes, Ada looks completely normal. Completely human. But she’s not. She’s a dreaded chimera, or kime. Most people are terrified of the kimes — these part human, part animal monster children. NoContinue Reading

D.J. is sitting at his clubhouse one day, feeling kind of lonely, when all of a sudden, there’s a flash of light, a giant boom—and a boy falls out of the sky. The boy doesn’t know who he is, where he’s from, or why he’s there. D.J. takes him home andContinue Reading

Eleven-year-old Tamaya attends the prestigious Woodridge Academy on scholarship. She walks to and from school every day with her neighbor, Marshall, a seven grader. The walk is extra long because they have to go around a big wooded area. Once they’re at school, Marshall pretends like he doesn’t know Tamaya. He can’tContinue Reading

Aventurine is tired of being kept cooped up in her family’s mountainside cavern. She won’t be allowed outside until her scales harden…in another 30 years. Aventurine is a young dragon, and most young dragons spend their early, quiet years learning everything they can about some subject that interests them. Aventurine’sContinue Reading

The Great Northern Race is not an ordinary dog sled race. It happens only once a generation, and the prize is remarkable: The first team to arrive at the Snowfather’s Palace at the top of the world has its greatest wish granted. (The last winner became enormously rich.) Shen andContinue Reading

At 5:40 p.m. on Monday, October 29, Hazel Wong runs back to the school gymnasium to grab the sweater she left behind — and there lying on the floor under the balcony is her science teacher, Miss Bell. She’s dead. Hazel rushes to get her friend Daisy, president of theirContinue Reading

The Grimjinx clan produces the greatest thieves in all of Vengekeep. Jaxter’s dad is the best burglar. His mother is a first-rate forger. His younger sister is the perfect pick pocket. Even his grandmother could out-swindle any swindler. But Jaxter? He’s a terrible thief. He’s just plain clumsy. He bunglesContinue Reading

March’s father is Alfie McQuin, a world-famous jewelry thief and a pretty good dad. Then something goes wrong during a heist in Amsterdam. Alfie falls from a rooftop and dies. March is alone in the world. Or so he thinks. He’s waiting at the airport with an official he callsContinue Reading

Melissa isn’t in the honors classes. She hasn’t joined any after school clubs. She doesn’t plan on a sports teams. So everyone is surprised when she gets selected as one of only three middle school students in the entire city of Chicago to compete for a prestigious $10,000 scholarship. MelissaContinue Reading

Nosewise is a good dog. He was rescued from the streets by the famous wizard Merlin. His master has taught him how to Sit! and Lie Down! and even Shake! But Nosewise wants to learn the tricks his pack mate Morgana knows. She’s Merlin’s young apprentice, and she can do things like shoot beams of lightContinue Reading