The Great Northern Race is not an ordinary dog sled race. It happens only once a generation, and the prize is remarkable: The first team to arrive at the Snowfather’s Palace at the top of the world has its greatest wish granted. (The last winner became enormously rich.) Shen andContinue Reading

Chase Ambrose falls off a roof in the summer before eighth grade. He’s in a coma for four days and when he wakes up at the hospital, he has no memory of his life before the accident. Here’s what he learns about himself in the weeks before school starts: FirstContinue Reading

Nicki Demere is 13 years old. She’s street savvy, book smart, and still keeps her giant stuffed animal, Ms. Fancypaws McKittenfluff on her bed. She’s also a seasoned pick-pocket, and she’s lived with five foster families in the past five years. Now she’s back at the Center again, waiting forContinue Reading

When Winnie’s parents get divorced, they want to make sure she spends exactly the same amount of time with each of them every week. She’s going to live with her mom on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. She’ll be with her dad on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. And on Wednesdays —Continue Reading

Undertaking a big project can lead to a dazzling success…or an epic fail. There are plenty of books about great achievements. This one is about messy mistakes. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, up near Seattle, was considered to be a marvel of modern engineering when it was built in 1940. It was theContinue Reading