At 5:40 p.m. on Monday, October 29, Hazel Wong runs back to the school gymnasium to grab the sweater she left behind — and there lying on the floor under the balcony is her science teacher, Miss Bell. She’s dead. Hazel rushes to get her friend Daisy, president of theirContinue Reading

March’s father is Alfie McQuin, a world-famous jewelry thief and a pretty good dad. Then something goes wrong during a heist in Amsterdam. Alfie falls from a rooftop and dies. March is alone in the world. Or so he thinks. He’s waiting at the airport with an official he callsContinue Reading

Melissa isn’t in the honors classes. She hasn’t joined any after school clubs. She doesn’t plan on a sports teams. So everyone is surprised when she gets selected as one of only three middle school students in the entire city of Chicago to compete for a prestigious $10,000 scholarship. MelissaContinue Reading

Ted is a master at playing escape-the-room games on the computer. At the start of a game, it’ll show a room and there’s only one way out. He’s got to find the clues and puzzle out the solution. There might be a bunch of drinking glasses on a tray—at firstContinue Reading

Nick and Eryn are twelve-year-old twins. Their parents have been divorced for ages, ever since the twins were little, so Nick and Eryn are surprised when their mother suddenly announces she’s getting re-married. They don’t believe her when she says their life won’t change much. After all, they’re moving into aContinue Reading