Ada has been lying to people her whole life. With her black wavy hair, brown skin, and green eyes, Ada looks completely normal. Completely human. But she’s not. She’s a dreaded chimera, or kime. Most people are terrified of the kimes — these part human, part animal monster children. NoContinue Reading

Eleven-year-old Tamaya attends the prestigious Woodridge Academy on scholarship. She walks to and from school every day with her neighbor, Marshall, a seven grader. The walk is extra long because they have to go around a big wooded area. Once they’re at school, Marshall pretends like he doesn’t know Tamaya. He can’tContinue Reading

Bethany’s parents have been acting really anxious lately, but they won’t tell her what’s wrong. Then one day they hustle her into the car. Her dad drives, and her mom cries. For 15 hours straight. When they finally stop, it’s late at night, and they’re in some random town four statesContinue Reading

Margaret’s family has an odd quirk that has been passed down generation to generation: The ability to travel back in time. But time travel is dangerous and Margaret’s father makes her swear not to use the gift. She promises she never will. Then something happens that makes Margaret want toContinue Reading

Ty was the first kid born in the undersea settlers’ community. His family has a soft jellyfish-shaped house, they farm fish, and they swallow Liquigen whenever they need to breathe underwater. People who live above the sea call them Dark Life. Ty can’t wait to stake his own underwater homesteadContinue Reading