D.J. is sitting at his clubhouse one day, feeling kind of lonely, when all of a sudden, there’s a flash of light, a giant boom—and a boy falls out of the sky. The boy doesn’t know who he is, where he’s from, or why he’s there. D.J. takes him home andContinue Reading

The Grimjinx clan produces the greatest thieves in all of Vengekeep. Jaxter’s dad is the best burglar. His mother is a first-rate forger. His younger sister is the perfect pick pocket. Even his grandmother could out-swindle any swindler. But Jaxter? He’s a terrible thief. He’s just plain clumsy. He bunglesContinue Reading

Sugar and her mom, Reba, live in a house with a white fence, green front door, and lilacs in the back yard. Sugar has two best friends and the world’s greatest 6th grade teacher, Mr. B. And now she has the cutest puppy, too, a little rescue dog named Shush.Continue Reading

Imagine if you could go into any book and experience the story all around you. Sort of like a 3-D movie, only it would be real. You could eat chocolate from Willy Wonka’s factory, go to Camp Half-Blood with Percy Jackson, get your own wand at Ollivander’s… Owen never dreamsContinue Reading

Eli lives in a perfect town: Serenity, New Mexico. Every house has a swimming pool, every kid has a tree house, and there’s no such thing as crime. Eli has never been out of Serenity before—there’s really no reason to leave—but one day he and a friend go for a bikeContinue Reading