Ted is a master at playing escape-the-room games on the computer. At the start of a game, it’ll show a room and there’s only one way out. He’s got to find the clues and puzzle out the solution. There might be a bunch of drinking glasses on a tray—at firstContinue Reading

Eli lives in a perfect town: Serenity, New Mexico. Every house has a swimming pool, every kid has a tree house, and there’s no such thing as crime. Eli has never been out of Serenity before—there’s really no reason to leave—but one day he and a friend go for a bikeContinue Reading

Nick and Eryn are twelve-year-old twins. Their parents have been divorced for ages, ever since the twins were little, so Nick and Eryn are surprised when their mother suddenly announces she’s getting re-married. They don’t believe her when she says their life won’t change much. After all, they’re moving into aContinue Reading

Ty was the first kid born in the undersea settlers’ community. His family has a soft jellyfish-shaped house, they farm fish, and they swallow Liquigen whenever they need to breathe underwater. People who live above the sea call them Dark Life. Ty can’t wait to stake his own underwater homesteadContinue Reading

Kelly doesn’t believe in monsters under the bed. Obviously. She’s an ordinary 8th grader with a best friend, secret crush, and dreams of being cooler in high school. She’s trying to save up enough money to go to a sleepaway camp. That’s the only reason she takes this babysitting job, herContinue Reading