Margaret’s family has an odd quirk that has been passed down generation to generation: The ability to travel back in time.

But time travel is dangerous and Margaret’s father makes her swear not to use the gift. She promises she never will.

Then something happens that makes Margaret want to forget the risks and forget her vow: Her father gets sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit.

Margaret knows that history resists being changed, but what if there were a way for her to save her father?


Genre: science fiction, mystery

Grades 5-8.


J’s take on it:

When I booktalk this title, I pause after revealing that Margaret’s family can travel through time. I’ll ask kids when/where they would choose to go if they could time-travel. Fifth graders want to see the dinosaurs. Sixth and seventh graders see the possibilities of fixing things that went wrong in the past. They would stop Hitler, prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, warn people about the Twin Towers—or on a more personal level, go back to before an uncle died, a father went into the hospital, or to three days earlier and not get grounded. Many want to go to the future and see what is going to become of them—who they will marry, what job they will have. One boy said he wants to go to his own funeral and see who shows up (and then come back to the present and give everyone else a hard time).

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