The Grimjinx clan produces the greatest thieves in all of Vengekeep.

Jaxter’s dad is the best burglar.

His mother is a first-rate forger.

His younger sister is the perfect pick pocket.

Even his grandmother could out-swindle any swindler.

But Jaxter? He’s a terrible thief. He’s just plain clumsy. He bungles his first big heist in a major way: He accidentally sets the house on fire, and he and his dad end up in jail.

It’s not the first time any of them have been in jail—in fact they call jail the “Grimjinx summer home”—but it’s the first time there’s been enough evidence to nail the family. They are going to be banished from the kingdom, and it’s all Jaxter’s fault.

But then, just before the final exile papers are signed, the family is summoned to the viewing room. This is where, every year, a tapestry is unveiled that shows what is in store for Vengekeep. This year the prophecy doesn’t look good at all: storms and floods, fire and starvation, and a plague of vicious skeletal beasts.

The tapestry also names the Grimjinxes as the only ones who can save the kingdom from its terrible fate.

The adventures continue with The Shadowhand Covenant and The Grimjinx Rebellion.

Genre: fantasy, adventure

Grades 4-7.

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